The Smurf Family


since 2003 the Bath & West Wilts family has been steadily growing.  Each generation brings with it renewed energy and enthusiasm, but the traditions and emphasis on belonging to something special remains.  It is a big responsibility to uphold the organisation’s ideals, but it is this that binds even when we are too old to wear the shirt.  Here we get to meet the people who have made BWB their own.


The Elders

G Taylor: Greg was a founder member of the organisation as well as a coach and then Chairman. His enthusiasm and love of teaching has enabled hundreds of young people to enjoy the game whilst also encouraging them to understand the four values and apply them to their every day lives.

S Kiely: Shane joined the organisation as head of West Wiltshire Schools FA. Another long-serving member, Shane has taken on every responsibility possible and conducts his voluntary service with a smile as well as relentless jokes. Certainly, without Shane’s input, the organisation would not be what it is today. Current volunteer.

B Griffiths: a former Distict Schools player, Ben has joined the coaching team whilst he negotiates his quest to become a teacher.

R Li: Ray is a Trust legend! Rather fond of juggling lots of balls, Ray was chairman of Bath City youth whilst also helping to coach with us. His skills as a master chef has aided on on numerous tours, but he has given countless more hours in every facet of BWB life over the years, including as Trustee. Certainly, his services will never be forgotten.

I Swann: Ian came to the Trust as a parent. His son Oliver went through the age groups and Ian steadily became more involved. Helping out on the coaching side, Ian’s experience in the diplomatic service as well as Head of Operations at King Edward’s School has directly benefitted everyone at Bath & Wilts. His organisation and selfless contributions behind the scenes have been invaluable. Current volunteer.

P Rochford Smith: Phil is a very experienced coach and still works as an FA Mentor. As well as his fine contributions on the pitch as one of our on coaches, Phil is also highly skilled in designing publications, graphics, internet content and pretty everything else. He has given countless hours to promote the organisation but also create educational resources on a voluntary basis. Phil continues to support us to this very day. Current volunteer.

J & B Goulding: The Gouldings have been an integral part of the Trust’s recent history.  Jo had the idea for the BWB cafe and drove its operations so well that it has become a significant fundraiser for the organisation.  Her help on the administration front has also enabled the others to concentrate more on the coaching and she is now a Trustee.  Buddy has been equally ever present and we have all benefitted from his endless talents and knack for solving any problem.  When he is not away working concerts, Buddy can also be found on the pitch putting the kids through his paces.  Current volunteers. 

D Hodge: Damian has coached for Bath & Wilts for nearly 10 years and has now taken on more responsibility for spearheading the organisation’s activities. Damian is another who gives his time freely despite numerous other commitments, and he has blue running through his veins – especially as an Everton fan! Current volunteer

A Harrison: Alex is another former player who found a talent for coaching at a young age. Initially, helping out Phil, it was soon clear that Alex was able to take on more responsibility and is now engaged having completed University. The cycle of players returning to BWB is one of the strengths of having family ties. Current Volunteer

D Pablo Aparicio: Our Spanish friend! Dani came to us following a trip to Madrid with our under 14s. An experienced coach, Dani has a great relationship with the children and is always seen sporting a smile on the pitch. New coaching opportunity has seen him make the short trip to Millfield, but his Spanish tones can be heard frequently still in Bath.

K and J Okell: The Okells may not be seen at the side of the pitch but their contributions have been enormous. Kevin and his company Altus has helped to finance the organisation over many years, but his generosity was not limited to financial support. He has been also a Trustees for many years, and his wife Janine still is responsible for the complex task of kitting out every Smurf throughout the season. Two heroes without doubt.

S Ellis: Sue has come on board to help with the administration of the Trust community activities.  Hard at work behind the scenes, Sue is often the first point of contact for members of the community wishing to engage in our activities.  She has also a son who plays for the District football team.

T Kerk: alongside Greg Taylor, Tim founded BWB in 2003 and has made a significant input ever since in every area of the Trust.  Also, a qualified teacher and coach.   

C Lyons: a long term sponsor and now a Trustee.  Chris has been involved ever since his son Fin joined the Schools District team aged 10.