Games Programme

The Games Programme is a fundamental part of the overall Bath experience. Since the very beginning we have looked for new and exciting ways to challenge the young people in our programme. Indeed, back in 2003 we were for many years the only organisation participating in tournaments abroad and since then the Smurfs have been to many corners of the world playing as far as Ghana and China. Opposition has stretched even as far as Mongolia and Australia and Brazil!

But it is not just abroad that we seek to make a difference. We also pioneered the first competition to bring together schools Associations, Premier League clubs and Football League clubs in a Formula 1 type football competition. The competition was named after influential Academy manager Eamon Dolan and is still running to this day, whilst the Premier League has sought to replicate the model across the country

As well as the Eamonn Dolan Series, our players take part in a number of different formats against other ESFA teams, local amateur clubs and regional professional teams. This mixed level of opposition allows the players to take part in a cycle of challenge that offers competition, struggle, comfort and fun.