In this section we have asked Nutrionalist Charlotte James to provide some basic advice in the realm of food and drink intake for those on our programme.

Why is Nutrition important to an athlete like me?


As a young athlete your body will have to cope with many demands such as growth, hormonal changes and supporting athletic performance!

It is vital to encourage healthy eating habits to support all these demands you are placing on your bodies.
An insufficient or poor dietary intake may cause growth defects, increase the likelihood of injury and/or cause harm to athletic performance. This is usually due to lack of energy and nutrients.

How will Nutrition better my athletic performance?

• Train/ Perform more effectively
• Greater energy levels
• Quicker Recovery
• Improve Concentration
• Efficient Immune Response – less risk of injury & Illness


Will my nutrition intake be different from my peers?

A lot of you will be training a lot more frequently compared to your classmates. Therefore your energy requirements will vary with some of you needing to consume more food and water! It is important that you consume a sufficient amount of food to keep up with your sporting and non-sporting commitments (Don’t forget your brain needs feeding too ☺!).