Enrichment Project: Kokrobite, Ghana

BWB03 has evolved as more than just a group of youngsters wanting to learn more about the game of football.  The bedrock of the four values Responsibility, Resilience, Curiosity and Compassion has given boys the platform to experience challenges that ultimately help them to grow and become better educated.  Moreover, it allows them the chance to become grounded, to shape their future, and to check themselves against a wave of technological and social trends which make it difficult for young people to see beyond themselves and their own needs.

The Kokrobite project began in 2015 with 17 boys committing to raising funds to build a football pitch for a village school.  During that first trip, the boys did much more than manipulate earth and stone.  Integrating themselves into the local community, friendships were made, leadership capabilities nurtured and a true understanding of each of the values were formed.

Stage II is to build a literacy centre next to the pitch; just as we do here, we intend to use football as a medium to help young people find themselves and a happy future. Watch the following videos to get a taste of the boys’ efforts: