12s meet Yeovil & Basingstoke

Report by Henry Shortridge:

VS Basingstoke The sun Shone as Simon’s team kicked off against Basingstoke as BWB instantly took control of the game by playing the ball well and scoring a goal. But BWB didn’t let it drop as they began to put Basingstoke under pressure which led into another goal. Now BWB were really on top as they began to play some great football with good play from Archie Harding and Joe Porton. BWB started the Second half with a couple of sloppy passes in the first five minutes but soon cut it out and went on to win 6-0. VS Yeovil This was by far the toughest game of the tournament for BWB but they came out very strong and showed great football as they began to pass the ball around well and had a couple of very close attacks when they played the ball well around the box until Joe hit a good strike into the roof of the net to give them a 1-0 lead. BWB came out well to the second half but unfortunately didn’t attack as well as they should have which led to a Yeovil goal. Instantly Yeovil began to pressure BWB into passing the ball back to Chris who unfortunately gave away a penalty and Yeovil scored but BWB didn’t let there heads drop as Aiden hit a strike which brought it back for BWB which is how the game ended 2-2. VS BWB! The final game for BWB was against the other BWB team which wasn’t taken too competitively (except by the coaches!). Some players did still want to win and it was the other BWB team who won it with a close finish of 6-5.