Aviko Joy

BWB 03 sent 70 Smurfs across the channel for 5 days to compete for the area in the Aviko Cup in Holland.


This was the association’s 2nd visit to the competition having competed last year, and the boys were keen to return to meet the Dutch, German and Danish opposition who had travelled to the region.

The boys had a super weekend as not only did the football bring success, but the boys were able to enjoy the water park, play beach volleyball and watch Dan lose at every sport he tried.

There was success in the kitchen as well with all boys having a go at cooking one of the 4 meals on offer.  Fortunately, no one was poisoned and the chalets remain intact!


Many thanks to Sarah for driving such a long way, to all the coaches who gave their time to make it possible for the Smurfs to have such a fab time.