BWB entertain seasiders and the Welsh

BWB hosted a festival on Saturday consisting of 12 teams from Bournemouth, Bath and Glamorgan.

The weather was perfect, the sun high in the sky and the astro giving off enough heat to fry an egg!  The 12s were first on and were reasonably comfortable once they got into their stride.  Dangermouse did not last very long owing to a scratchy throat and Sheepy ploughed through breathing like Darthvader.  However it was a good run out for all prior to next week’s Dutch adventure.

The 10s came on next.  Having not played for a while, it took some games to find a bit of fluency, but again they all played well by the end including George and Joe, our kindergarten boys making their debuts!

Last but not least were the 11s.  Playign some matches on the grass and some on the astro they played against 11s and 12s teams, performing well in all.  Chris and Lucas had little to do in goal, but once again the BWB finishing (or not) was in full display and a host of chances went begging at times.

Next stop Holland!