Fundraising push launched

24 pupils from BANES  & Wiltshire aged between 12 and 14 are fundraising to complete an ambitious project based in a small fishing village off the coast of Ghana.

The project focuses on raising awareness and educating within 5 pillars:

– the environment: recycling
– the environment: aquaponics and the fishing industry
– Historic & modern slavery
– Wealth & poverty
– Cultural diversity & acceptance

The boys will represent their schools from Bath and Wiltshire in raising money that will go towards the completion of a learning centre made out of plastic bottles, the building of a well for fresh water, and towards the build of an aquaponics pool where local fisherman will learn to harvest fish rather than risking their lives going further and further out to sea in canoes.  The participants will be paying for their own travel.

Whilst in Ghana the boys will work on site  and will deliver English and Maths lessons to the local children.  It is an experience that will help our young ambassadors develop their character and worldly views, but more importantly, it will give opportunity for people int he village to access learning and make a living in a safe environment.

We appreciate every penny that will help us make a difference to the lives of so many people.