Inner-City reports

Under 10 Bath & Wilts v Bristol Inner City

Report by Adam Johnston

The cold morning started with a football match: BWB v Bristol Inner City. We were excited as we hadn’t played for a long time. We started off the match with most of the possession even though the sun was in my eyes. Some of us did some bad passes but luckily we would manage to quickly get the ball back and pass it back up to our opposing team’s half. We got lots of shots and got rewarded with two goals thanks to Charlie. We didn’t stop scoring through the second quarter though as we scored another goal still dominating the match with a lot of the ball and a lot of the shots. In the third quarter they barely touched the ball, with us producing lots of space for lots of passes. Me and Alfie were both strikers and we made lots of passes between us. The match concluded 4-1. We deserved the win as we tried very hard.

Report by William Blackmore

The greatest challenge of the match was that the game was very compact so it was difficult to score.  However, the easy solution was to counter attack and link up with quick passing.  Charlie scored two goals by linking up with Harvey, and Harvey scored as well as Alfie, who finished off a fantastic counter attack.  I really enjoyed the game as it was a smaller pitch than usual.  Everyone played well and gave 100%.  The final score was 4-1, well done to everyone.


U11 Bath & Wilts v Bristol Inner City 

Report by Theo Hodge

We worked as a team well because we stayed in our positions during the match. This led to us producing easy passes to our team mates which are very effective in controlling the game. We had most of the possession which led to shots on goal by us. Our team had a good range of passing and we were composed on the ball throughout the game. We had our heads up and when we were out of possession we held our shape. From goal kicks we man marked for their ‘dangerous’ players (wingers & strikers). This gave us confidence that we could break on the counter and break up any play by the opposition team. What we could do better is: screen the line when we press the defender and keep on checking our shoulders when being passed the ball in the final 2/3rds.