11s over the bridge

by T Fisher, King Edward’s School

On Saturday, we travelled to Newport to play in the Anglo Welsh cup. When we got there, we waited for everyone to arrive and then we headed over to the pitch. The pitch was bumpy and hard to play on. We warmed up normally and played a quick game of bulldogs. Once we were ready to start, we got our formations and kicked off. They started with the ball but in the first quarter we were definitely equal. In the second quarter they started to be the better team. They were massive! We all knew they had an advantage because they were huge. One of them looked like he was U13. The first goal was very unlucky. We got very tired and started conceding more goals. The defenders were very good and it was hard to break through. There was a right wing who was very quick and just ran round our players. We started to keep more possession and started to play better. Suddenly, they scored another goal and our heads just dropped. They came close to scoring a couple of times but our goalie – Sammy, made a few good saves and the defenders did a good job of closing down the shots. The opposition attackers were very clinical and rarely missed so Sammy was very busy. In the end, the final score was 3-0 to them.