hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go…

Great turn out!  The weather blessed us with a little warmth and sunshine to enable us to make good progress with the Pop-up cafe project.   The U13-15s had training but then a number came directly to the ‘building site’.  With the brambles largely cleared, the boys and their parents spent most time digging up the roots, no easy task!  However, they persevered and the area is ready for the membrane and bark.

What was fantastic was that some former players joined us too.  Matthew Goulding, Joss and Theo Lynden returned to lend a hand.  Many thanks to all the boys and parents who came to support today.  It is your participation and contribution that makes all the difference, and it is what forms the foundation of our spirit.

‘What one contributes is not measured in treasures or money, but in spirit and soul.  Acts of giving of oneself – that is time, thought and action – is when life finds meaning’.