‘Baby Ben’ returns to Bath Schools

Former player Ben Griffiths has joined the coaching ranks of Bath & Wiltshire Boys.

Nicknamed ‘Baby Ben’ owing to his small stature and young looks, Ben has now graduated from University and is embarking on as a career as a teacher.  Still living in Frome, Ben has agreed to take one of the teams alongside his playing commitment for Frome Town FC.  Ben has had a lot of experience already and had the full experience as a kid growing up.  He joined Bristol City from Bath Schools and then went to Southampton FC for their U18 programme at the Bath Centre.  When the centre amalgamated with Yeovil Town FC, Ben played for Yeovil Town before pursuing a more academic route at Hartpury.

No longer Baby Ben, we are delighted that ‘grown-up Ben’ will now share his experience with the younger boys in the programme, we are sure the kids will love having him as one of the coaches.  Ben’s appointment also helps complete the cycle, whereby ex-players reengage in some way with the organisation.  Ben also joins Alex Harrison who has coached with Bath Schools for over a year now having played himself almost 10 years ago.  Welcome back Ben!