October 2020 Match reports

Bath and Wiltshire Boys vs Gloucester Schools u10s team

 The game started off with some quick passing to peoples feet and good pressing forward when we lost the ball. It was fast paced and there was lots of movement up and down the pitch. Early in the first quarter, BWB surprised Gloucester with a quick early goal and a nice assist from midfield, but they were quite strong and equalised 1-1.  

Defence played very well and got in the way of the Gloucester attackers with some good tackles, moving the ball out from their feet to the midfielders. Our goalkeeper made some great saves and firm passes back out to the defence. Gloucester had lots of shots on goal, but BWB were always running back to help defend. A few minutes into the second quarter, Will slotted the ball into the corner of the net from an awesome assist. By half time, the score was 2-1. 

Throughout the second half of the game, we kept the ball forward, stopping any attacks from Gloucester. During the third quarter, Gloucester got a lucky goal. The ball was switching between sides quickly, as it was nearing the end of the match. In the last few minutes of the game, the ball was passed to the midfielders from the defence, who brought it up near the goal. They shot, but it rebounded off Gloucester’s goalies hands. Luckily, Harvey backed up the attack and put himself in a perfect position to score. The final score was BWB 3-2 Gloucester. 

Charlie McDonald


Bath and Wiltshire Boys vs Bristol Inner City u11s team

On Monday 12th October the U11’s played against Bristol Inner City. We took the lead early on and had most of the possession but two attacks and two goals from Bristol meant we were 2-1 down. We dominated the rest of the match, scoring 5 goals and making the score 6-2 at the final whistle. The person I think played especially well was Alfie K because he was always getting behind the defenders and making space. I think the team improved on our passing and stretching the opposition by playing wide, which made gaps to attack.

Alfie Walker

Bath and Wiltshire Boys vs Bournemouth hampions

On Saturday the 8th of February 2020 BWB played a football match against Bournemouth champions. The boys played a great game in the bitter weather but unfortunately lost.

The first quarter the boys tried to go up and attack, but Bournemouth champions won possession and counter attacked following up with a great goal to put them 1-0 up. The boys did not get disheartened instead quickly took the ball up to the halfway line and kicked off again and managed to get the ball into the opposition’s half but got tackled inside the penalty area by Bournemouth. Bournemouth countered and out skilled BWB’s defence and scored again. 2-0 Bournemouth champions kept getting the ball into the opponent’s half but could not finish and near the end of the quarter we had a brilliant chance to score but the ball went over the bar and went out for a goal kick.

At the first quarter break the coaches changed the teams around and BWB got ready to kick off the second quarter. BWB passed the ball into the attacking half but could not get past the Bournemouth champions backline of defence. We had a couple of good chances and brilliant passes but BWB still could not score. The ball went out for a lot of throws and the boys defended them well. It was a pretty even game even though we were losing 2-0 until finally the ball went out for a corner and both the defence went up to get a short corner but the right winger chose to whip it into the box and unfortunately Bournemouth champions won possession and counter attacked to score and make it 3-0.In the 3rd quarter break BWB wanted to try and pass more and the coaches told the team to run more to win the ball back so the BWB boys went back out onto the pitch and ran loads trying to win the ball back and when they did the team won the ball back and tried to pass out wide and they succeeded a couple of times but could not find the back of Bournemouth champions net. Eventually BWB passed out wide and the winger got the ball and struck it to the top corner to make it 3-1 to Bournemouth. After that goal BWB got inspired but Bournemouth champions managed to pass the ball out wide and the BWB midfielder did a bad foul on Bournemouth and they got a free kick. The opposition’s winger booted the ball into the box and scored in the bottom corner to make it 4-1 to Bournemouth.

It was the final break before the 4th quarter and again the coaches changed the teams. BWB wanted to make a change to the first three quarters and try and win the game. The final quarter kicked off and Bournemouth started. They started passing the ball and going on attacks, but they couldn’t get the ball past the BWB backline. Every time the BWB boys lost the ball they sprinted hard to win it back and when they won possession BWB would pass the ball out wide again and again, but we just could not get it passed their keeper. The Bournemouth side had a couple of shots but our keeper handled them well and played them out to the  left wing backs who played the ball down the line to the left wing who had a shot and hoofed the ball into the top left corner to make it 4-2 to Bournemouth. BWB got a bit too confident with a corner so the defence agreed for one defender to go up to receive a short corner and one to stay back. The right wing chose to whip the ball into the box but the Bournemouth keeper snapped out and grabbed the ball then kicked the ball up the pitch towards the two Bournemouth strikers to make it a two on one then the Bournemouth players passed to each other than slotted the ball home to make it 5-2 Bournemouth. In the last ten minutes BWB played the ball out wide and won a free kick from a bad foul by Bournemouth. The defender slotted the ball into the box for the striker who scored so the score was. 5-3 A bit later after both teams had lots of shots, passed a lot and had some corners but eventually the final whistle blew.

Reggie Johnson