Season 2019/20 Trials

Thank you to all for registering and trialling for season 2019/20. The process is never easy, much as we would like to support all players with additional training, our numbers are limited by funding, facility space and coaching staff available. We congratulate successful trialists and would encourage those who didn’t succeed this season to try again … keep enjoying football and we will see you on a touchline we’re sure in the not too distant future.

The U13/14 squad will be finalised wk comm 1 July (probably on Thursday 4th July by email.)

We would reiterate that our programme is FREE of charge, this means that we have to limit numbers of players to coach / facilities available to us.


If your business can support us and what we do please get in touch and email Damian.


If your club would like to arrange fixtures in 2019/20 – please email Damian Hodge and we will get some dates in the diary as an extension to our and your games programme.