International Bath Cup Begins!


The inaugural Bath International Cup opened on Saturday with 12 teams from across Europe competing for the title

Chelsea, Everton and Swansea from the Premier League were joined by BWB, Erdington and Saltley and North Somerset from the ESFA, whilst B93, Rayo Vallecano and BK Skjold and BK Masthugget flew on the day before from Scandinavia and Spain.

The teams were split into two groups with 5 games each to be played.  The teams finishing first would progress to tomorrow’s Champions League, and the other 3 would go through to the Europa League.  The day was full of super football with Group A particularly close.  With all resting on the final match.  BWb needed to score in order to go through to the Champions League.  Instead the game against Bk Skjold finished 0-0 and so the Danes went through to the Champions League alongside Swindon Town and Swansea City whilst BWB was left to contest the Europa League.


In Pool B Everton Won their group ahead of Rayo Vallecano and Chelsea.